3 Step Morning Skincare Routine and ARCONA Review

A month ago I went to the opening of the Nordstrom in Etobicoke at Sherway Gardens. I purchased the Arcona Cranberry Toner along with the Eye Dew repair / protect am eye cream. I am more than impressed with the formulation of the product. Today, I will be sharing with you a 3 step skincare morning routine and Arcona review.

3 Step Skincare Morning Routine

Mornings aren’t so glamorous, at least for me. You wake up with bed head and then you have to prepare for your day. The first step for me is always skincare, which I don’t spend a lot of time on, before I have breakfast and carry on with my day. So, I came up with a 3 step morning routine to make things quick and simple.

3 Step Morning Skincare Routine and Review with ARCONA

Step 1

I wash my face with lukewarm water along with applying a warm towel to open my pores and a cold towel to close it. This process helps to obtain more moisture and keep your skin hydrated. Next, I pour 4 – 5 drops of the Arcona Cranberry Toner on a cotton pad and sweep it over my slightly damp skin.

Since this product is formulated for a 3-in-1 use – cleanse, tone, and removes makeup, it works perfectly for me. I use it as a no rinse cleanser in the mornings when I have very little time to get ready. A thorough nighttime routine is done, so the morning skin regimen is minimal. The Cranberry Toner contains ingredients such as,witch hazel, cranberry fruit extract, rice milk, and white tea extract. These ingredients help to calm and heal the skin, has anti-microbial properties, is rich in antioxidants, and helps to hydrate the skin.


3 Step Morning Skincare Routine and Review with ARCONA

Step 2

I use the Eye Dew repair/protect AM. It is formulated to hydrate, reduce an “prevent deepening” of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to repair and boost elasticity of the skin in the eye area. The Eye Dew contains key ingredients such as jojoba oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid which helps to improve the overall function of this skin overtime. The consistency of the eye cream is thick, so I tend to damp my fingers before putting it on. Alternatively, there are times I work the product into already damp skin.

When applying the eye cream its best to do it around the perimeter of the eye bone. I start from below the eye (near the outer corner) working my way in and up under the brow bone. I’ve been using this technique specifically under the brow bones for years. This is an area that many forget as the skin is thinner and collagen begins to break down faster with age. Don’t be afraid to apply your eye cream there.

FYI: Eye creams are to be used as a preventative measure and not necessarily corrective. It’s important to start using it in your early to mid-twenties to maintain the skin long-term.  What I love most about the Eye Dew is how it’s formulated as a duo -preventative and corrective cream. It works for a broad age range along with all skin types as an anti-aging solution.

Step 3

As the last step in the morning, I use the Magic Dry Ice Ultra Daily Hydrator AM/PM. This is one of the many samples I received from Nordstrom. This hydrating moisturizer is for dry skin types and can be used both morning and night as it’s appropriately labelled. I’ve been using this as needed in the mornings, usually when my skin is on the dry side. It helps to hydrate gives my skin a dewy, plumped look. Formulated as an anti-aging moisturizer, it has ingredients such as Kombuchka, Cassia Alata Leaf Extract (DN-AGE), and Olive fruit that help to give the skin a smooth and hydrated look while minimizing free radical damage.

I love using multi-purpose products. Not only does it help to save you money, it also helps to shave off time in your skin care regimen.

What is your morning skincare routine like most days? Are there any steps that you do differently?

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  1. Neora says:

    Thanks so much again for a great article and tips.

    • Keneisha says:

      Hi Noera,

      Thank you for reading this post. I’m happy to know you found these tips helpful!

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