5 simple steps to reduce facial wrinkles

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If there is one thing that becomes a major concern when women begin to age is the terrifying thought of fine lines and wrinkles. However, I personally believe its nature’s beauty mark for our bodies, but not everyone would agree with me on that. I’ll show you 5 simple steps to reduce facial wrinkles within the comforts of your home; especially, if your budget doesn’t permit you to do professional treatments that can drastically help to stimulate and rebuild collagen faster. Once you hit your late 20’s to early thirties you are more prone to getting fine lines and wrinkles as collagen begins to breakdown in your body. Not to mention, the years of facial expressions you make when you’re surprised, angry, confused, or sad. The question is how do you get rid of wrinkles, or even slow down signs of aging?

Dry and dehydrated skin is one of the major culprits for premature aging, next to diet, genetics, products, environment, daily habits, or simply self-care. Your skin rejuvenates itself at night just like your body does when you sleep. This is a perfect opportunity to correct all the damage done from your day while diminishing wrinkles.

  • NIGHT CREAM & SERUM Invest in anti-aging night creams and serums. Night creams help to replenish moisture loss and repair the skin from environmental damages done throughout the day. It also helps to improve your skin’s tone, as well to slow down and minimize fine lines and wrinkle with overtime use. Key ingredients to look for in a night cream is retinol, hyaluronic acid, vitamin e, c, coenzyme q10, blueberry and green tea extract which are essential in fighting free radical damage.
  • SLEEP Try to get the daily recommended hours of sleep and avoid sleeping on your face. What? Yes, sleeping on your face can cause facial wrinkles, also known as sleep wrinkles. You can get it based on the way you sleep. What is sleep wrinkles you might ask? It’s lines formed when your face is compressed against a pillow consistently every night. Sleeping on your back is the best preventative measure which also provides beauty benefits such as firmer, clearer skin and of course reduced wrinkles. I wouldn’t recommend it if you have a medical sleep condition such as sleep apnea, pregnant, or suffer from gastric reflux.
  • WATER It doesn’t only help to boost metabolism it also helps to boost hydration/absorption and increase circulation in your body, just to name a few benefits. Water helps to keeps your skin cells hydrated both inside and out thus slowing, or minimizing wrinkle formation. It also helps to flush impurities and toxins from the skin which can helps to prevent the formation of acne as well.
  • MASQUE Incorporating the appropriate masque into your daily regimen 2x’s a week. Ensure the masque caters to your specific skin type and skin condition. In order for you not to waste the product on your skin, you need to exfoliate first. Sloughing off and removing surface debris is essential for the masque or any moisturizer to be properly absorbed. Otherwise, it will just sit on top of the skin. That would just be a waste of your money.
  • SUNSCREEN We’re exposed daily to so many environmental elements and pollutants. Exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun can cause major damage and health concerns to your skin overtime; Not to mention, premature aging. Sunscreens are formulated to provide maximum protection against UVA and UVB rays. Many include key ingredients with antioxidant vitamins to help protect your skin against premature aging and fight free radical damage. Apply a sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30.

There are many other ways to reduce or slow down the onset of wrinkles, but these steps are the easiest to follow daily. I hope that these 5 simple steps to reduce facial wrinkles will be helpful to you. Make this a long term routine and give yourself at least 4 weeks to see the results.

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