7 Benefits of Dry Brushing – Winter Skin Prep

7 Benefits of Dry Brushing - Winter Skin Prep

The practice of dry brushing has gained popularity. It is now on menus of various spas and even wellness centers. The practice has numerous benefits ranging from a smoother skin to facilitating lymphatic drainage. So, what is dry brushing and why should you consider it? Dry brushing is as the name suggests, it is brushing the skin in a certain pattern using a dry brush prior to taking a shower. When dry brushing, the skin is usually brushed starting from the hands and feet toward the chest. I’ve been using the Merben Jute (Soft) Brush that I purchased from SNM Spalon in Mississauga, Ontario.

7 Benefits of Dry Brushing – Winter Skin Prep

  1. Assists in elimination of toxins because it increases blood circulation to the skin also helping to reduce cellulite.
  1. Exfoliates dead skin encouraging cell rejuvenation resulting into a brighter and smoother skin. It also assists with hair ingrown.
  1. Facilitates lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation; since it removes toxins, dry brushing improves the body’s discharge system removing all the metabolic wastes allowing the body to run effectively.
  1. It makes the nervous system become more alert as it stimulates the nerve endings.
  1. Assists in toning muscles and evenly distributes fat deposits.
  1. Allows your skin to absorb more nutrients as it opens up clogged pores.
  1. It helps to sets up your mood mostly if done in the morning.

How To Dry Brush


7 Benefits of Dry Brushing - Winter Skin Prep

Try to do this daily in the morning and/or at night, preferably before showering. Begin with a mild brush applying light pressure, then gradually move up to a firmer brush adding more pressure with time. You want to familiarize your body with the exfoliation process. Also, you don’t want to shock, or do any damage to your skin.

When dry brushing, you can follow these steps below:

  1. Begin at the feet. Brush the bottom of the feet, moving up the legs with smooth strokes working your way up. This is to facilitate lymphatic drainage. Continue to brush towards the chest area as this is where the lymphatic system drains. The key thing to remember is while you are brushing, brush inwards.
  1. Do the same with your hands. Start at the palms working upwards towards the heart.

7 Benefits of Dry Brushing - Winter Skin Prep

  1. On the armpits and stomach, use circular strokes while working in a clockwise motion.
  1. This step is optional: Repeat the same for your face, back, and abdomen with a soft brush as these areas are more delicate. You do not want to over exfoliate skin causing the skin to peel due to the pressure and texture of a firmer brush.

It’s important to note that when you’re dry brushing not to apply too much pressure. A smooth and softer stroke is ideal. You will get the same result and benefit. What you will notice after dry brushing is the pinkness in the skin, but don’t be alarmed. This is totally normal. However, if your skin is red and you’re feeling a stinging sensation this is an indication that you’ve applied too much pressure, and you’ve potentially over exfoliated.

Try it consistently for 30 days. This allows the products to be absorbed better into the skin as you have helped to eliminate the build-up and dead skin which can block your pores. In doing so, it prevents product waste when the product just sits on top of the skin. When the skin is exfoliated and relieved of debris only then the product is absorbed easier into the skin. You will also get the full benefits of the product through this process of dry brushing. Your body will, without doubt, will thank you.

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