We are taught from a young age the importance of getting an education; in order, to get a good paying job. So, you go to college or university to do what you believe you wanted to do, or what your parents expect you to do. The first two to five years you’re either killing it in your career, or just hitting that glass ceiling. Then this feeling overcomes you that something just isn’t jiving the way it use to. The bottom line is that it’s not feeding your soul, or passion. You just don’t feel fulfilled. You are disillusioned and feel stuck with the mere thought that this just might be something you will be doing until retirement. Then you start to think if this is really what you want, or see as your future career goal. How does one do what they love to transform their life?

Find your passion

So, how does one do what they love to fulfill their dreams and transform their life? For years, I had worked in various sectors of the corporate world ranging from insurance, sales and marketing. It got to the point where I felt both my creativity and voice was stiffled. I observed people around me who had high energy, loved what they did for a living and who were always ready and excited to go to work. All while I was dragging my feet. Fast forward as few years, I’m now a freelancer in skincare and marketing. To say everyday is smooth sailing without a struggle I would be lying. Everyday is a hustle, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Too often many people fall into a realm of settling by continuing to do what they do out of fear there is nothing else, or for the sake of a steady paycheck. Don’t get me wrong having a fixed and stable income is important, but would you rather stay stagnant in a position that your heart wasn’t in, or would you rather go to work everyday knowing that you’re doing what you love and controlling your income?  Not many people have the courage to walk away from something secure, but the few that do have the opportunity to find their passion and transform their lives in the process.

Revist Your Childhood or Old Resources

What were you passionate about as a child? Our truest passion and desires manifest itself to us as child, but somehow we loose site of it due to life experiences or redirection by others. What about life plans written in your journal, or that old vision board you created. Whether it’s to be an actor/actress, working for the ministry to owning your own business, it’s help to revisit your initial goals to truly find your passion.

On the other hand, you might be thinking starting a new career might be exciting; however, it’s not necessary to do so in order to do something you love. You can start a hobby in your spare time, or volunteer in your field of interest. Many companies are encouraging their employees to take on more volunteer opportunities. Even if the company’s motives are not altruistic, volunteering can open a window of opportunities. You can learn new skills or discover ones you never knew you possessed.

You may decide to escape the corporate world and start up your own venture. This may help transform your life in ways that you couldn’t foresee. Choosing an industry you are passionate about gives you a purpose you wouldn’t have gained by staying in your current position.

This is not to say that starting, or running a business is easy. It takes a lot of work and discipline. The road to entrepreneurship is  a journey that comes with bumps along the way, but can be a rewarding. One of the benefits of becoming your own boss, is that you have no one to answer to but yourself. While many view this as a good situation to have, it is a double-edged sword. You need to have a proper blueprint in place to help guide you towards success.

Another benefit of being and entrepreneur is that you have more control over your income. Assuming you find the right strategy for earning money, opportunities are limitless. In this case, you don’t have rehearse your speech on negotiating your pay or a pay  increase from stringent budgeted corporations to try and get a morsel out of them.

More people are discovering that having their own business is the way to having more freedom and flexibility in their lives. Most love the challenge and find the work fulfilling since they’re doing what they love. We live in a easy-access culture where the internet provides so many resources to help many businesses succeed. Not everyone is suited to be an entrepreneur, I’ll tell you that. You really have to be a risk-taker, who has drive, resilience and the tenacity to push through every moment.

What about money?

Let’s take money out of the equation for a second. What would you do if money wasn’t in the picture? I honestly, never understood when I was younger and was asked this question what it meant. This is how your really find out what you’re passionate about in order to do what you love, which can help to transform your life in the most positive way.

There’s a quote from Confucius that says “choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life”.  I truly believe in this and once you’re identify these  3 points – finding out what you’re passionate about, revisit your childhood, and taking money out of the equation you’re well on your way to doing what you love.

Are you doing what you love for a living or are you working towards it?


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