If you’re reading my blog for the first time welcome! I want your experience here to be and enlightening, empowering and inspirational one. Let my journey be your guide into all things “Wellness Lifestyle” related. My journey started over a year ago where I experienced a shift to start living life fearlessly doing the things that I’m passionate about. One of the things that I’ve been passionate about was creating an environment to support and elevate women. So, I’ve decided the time was now to start this self-empowerment project called “In Your Skin”. The objective is to encourage women to be self-empowered and confident about who they are, where they are, and the direction they want to take in life. I will be connecting and featuring influential women in the beauty and wellness industry who share the same vision in life and their career path. Through their expertise and journey, I hope these monthly features can be an inspiration for you to confidently pursue your dreams no matter what obstacles you encounter.

Photo provided by Elise Woods, Prim+Lovely  @primandlovely


Without further ado, meet the beautiful and talented Elise Woods. Elise is the Creative Director and Floral Designer for Prime and Lovely, as well as a beauty blogger.  She also has another business as an Executive Consultant as Roden + Fields. Can we talk about busy. I met Elise right where I’m featuring her, online. Well, on Instagram. I came across one of her posts that resonated with me and I had to connect with her. We met for Sunday brunch with mimosas at the beautiful Al Biernat’s and bonded over our stories about our journey and reasons for coming to Dallas. Elise, is a former native of a small town in Arkansas who took a leap of faith coming to the Big D(allas), 2 years ago, to make her mark as a young creative in the floral design industry. She is a “go-getter” who grabs of hold of life with no hesitation to fulfilling her passion.  Learn more about Elise with the candid questions below.


Photo credit/provided by Elise Woods, Prim + Lovely

Elise is such an ambitious young woman. She run a floral design workshop, she is the co-admin/host of @dallasgirlgang and has an upcoming “EMPOWER” event this April. Connect and collaborate with this exuberant spirit, Elise. She has a great eye for design, see here instagram @primandlovely She will make your vision come to life with her floral design skills for any occasion.

Connecting with self-empowered women who are inspired to uplift others, helps to make the community of women more successful. What is self-empowerment and how does one become self-empowered?

What is Self-Empowerment

The concept of empowerment has many facets. It can be economic, political, or social empowerment. In today’s society, women are more motivated to empower themselves for personal development. Self-Empowered women search for the necessary resources to help them navigate and overcome societal setbacks or adversity. Being pro-active to empower oneself helps to improves their self-esteem, self-confidence and social skills with others.

Self-Empowerment as a Woman

As a woman, we have a lot of opportunities and resources available to be successful in all aspects of our lives when dedicate our time to finding them. Women may receive support in in so many ways if she’s confident enough to ask; however, the most successful women get a hold of their ambitions by finding strength from within them. I feel we have wealth and self-reliant resources readily available by our inner natural being.

Self-empowerment is dependent on the skills that women can learn. Many women already have them – they simply need further development. One these skills are developed or mastered, I truly feel that empowered women will be on the right path to accomplishing their goals, either as individuals or in their families and communities.

Women Empowering Themselves

Though much has been done to address gender discrimination, over the years, women experience disempowerment in many situations, occasionally in the family, but especially in the workplace. Under these circumstance, it’s evident that women need to seek out, build and claim power. The steps taken to achieve this particular goal might be a lot of work, but personal empowerment is the place to start. Realizing ones self-potential, women can take on bigger, challenges. Proof of this can be seen in marginalized communities in Africa and other under-developed countries where women’s initiatives have empowered not only themselves but their entire community.

Techniques for Self-Empowerment

Education and Learning New Skills: Learning new skills helps with self-empowerment as it forms as sense of accomplishment. You know the saying “Knowledge is power”. Well, education enables a woman to discover ways to achieving her goal. Knowing the options available for the tasks we want to accomplish is essential to making the best decisions.

Decision-making skills: Making confident decisions is easier with knowledge of available choices (resources). Education provides analytical skills to help in decision-making and evaluating risk. It’s all interconnected.

Positive thinking and attitude: Negative attitude and thoughts can destroy motivation and prevent one from making improvement in their lives and situation. Studies have shown that patterns of negative thinking can be altered with cognitive therapies or even keeping a gratitude journal may help with negative thoughts.

Self-esteem and confidence-building: Having a list of achievements, no matter how big, or  small, can help to boost confidence and self-esteem, as well as foster initiative.

Interpersonal/communication skills: Good Communication skills help to move things forward. It’s develop confidence and guidance on how to effectively operate in a social environment. By developing these skills and awareness, individually or collectively, women can empower themselves in order to realize their potential.

I hope you found this information useful for you to give you some direction how to become a self-empowered women. Otherwise, surround yourself with these kind of women and their confidence, as well as power will surely rub off on you. You are who you affiliate with.

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