What is Calm Skincare?

Is there such a thing as calm skincare or beauty? I think the term coined by a brand I came across, Iremia Skincare has crafted a whole new meaning to natural and clean beauty with its niche. Beauty is what you define it and throughout the years the term has become more revolutionized. The beauty industry has become more health and wellness focused, so in order to stand out and set yourself apart it’s imperative to create niche and narrow down your focus for your brand. There is such a large avenue for natural products on the market that in order for it to make it the mainstream it really needs to solve your target market’s problem and get into as many hands to talk about it helping to maximizing the brand’s exposure. In comes this small batched, natural skincare Canadian brand from Toronto, Iremia Skincare

My first time hearing the term calm beauty was since discovering this brand. When you think of calm in skincare you think about the ingredients and how the products will help to remedy your skin concerns. My perspective on calm beauty is that it’s a niche segmented in the clean beauty category. These are products with key ingredients that are non-toxic, non-comedogenic which helps to soothe along with nourish the skin. They primarily target those with sensitive and reactive skin formulating the ingredients target these specific skin concerns.

About Iremia

I came across the brand on Instagram and was intrigued by its niche (calm beauty with natural ingredients) that I wanted to learn more about their brand story. I took the initiative to contact the brand and was sent their 3 step skincare products. The three products consisted of a Restorative face oil, Soothing lotion, and a Protective cream. Before we get into the product details let’s talk about the concept behind this brand. The founder, Elaine Li, who was inspired to develop this product line and brand name due to reoccurring skin condition and an enlightening trip to Greece. Elaine’s skin concerns and challenges involved constant eczema breakouts and rosacea sometimes triggered by anxiety/stress. However, while on vacation in Greece she felt more at peace and calm. Through this experience Iremia was born. What does Iremia mean anyways? The word Iremia is Greek which means calm, tranquility, freedom from motion. Elaine’s vision behind the brand is to be transparent and promote a healthy state of mind. She wants consumers and her customers to know that beauty starts from the inside out and it should and can be celebrated without excessiveness. Simplicity is what the brand strives for with its small batch and 3 step skincare products.


Restorative Face Oil

Thinking of restorative in skincare what comes to mind is a product that aids in soothing, replenishing and restoring balance to the skin. The restorative face oil from Iremia has a unique blend of 11 nourishing botanical oils rich in omega 6 fatty acids. The ultimate multivitamin and superfood for your skin. The key ingredients consist of: Jojoba oil, avocado oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, and sea buckthorn oil. All containing ant-inflammatory properties to soothes skin conditions like eczema, repair damaged skin, healing and plumping the skin, while providing optimal moisture and nourishment.

How to use:

Squeeze 2-3 drop in the palm of hands press hands together to warm the oil, then press it into the skin. (Optional) You may then massage the areas of concern.
The face oil can be used alone, or with the Soothing Lotion or Protective Cream. The oil should be applied to the skin as the first step.

What I love most about this oil is how smooth it is in your hands and upon application. It has this silky texture to it due to the unique blend. It absorbs into the skin easily leaving it hydrated with a non-greasy feeling. I’m glad these products are formulated with natural, green, non-comedogenic ingredients making it excellent for multi-purpose use. I’ve used the oil on the ends of my hair and on the scalp, also on my cuticles when they are dry.


Soothing Lotion

It’s always a sigh of relief, no pun intended, when you can find products formulated for sensitive skin and reactive skin conditions. Iremia’s soothing lotion consists of natural calming ingredients to remedy redness and irritations. A few of the key ingredients are: shea butter, manuka honey, aloe vera, grape seed oil, and African mahogany tree bark. All of which are rich in vitamin A and E to stimulate collagen and provide hydrating benefits, soothes the skin with anti-inflammatory properties, improves circulation and speed up healing process.

How to use:

Take a dime size amount and apply it to areas that are sensitive, irritated area. You may also layer the lotion with the Restorative Face Oil, but it’s best to apply the oil first then the lotion.

This lotion has a very subtle yet inviting smell. It’s very light in texture allowing it to glide and be absorbed easily into the skin. Though I didn’t have any major skin irritations like eczema, I had a minor breakout due to congestion on my arm. I used the soothing cream on the area and saw an improvement in my skin within 4-5 days.


Protective Cream

No matter your skin type or skin condition I always believe in preventative and protective measures when it comes to skincare. It all helps to slow down the aging process. The protective cream was formulated to combat dehydration while protecting the skin from free-radicals. The key ingredients are: cocoa butter, beeswax, avocado oil, palmarosa oil and rose damascena flower oil. They are rich in antioxidant which helps to prevent and fight free radical damage, helps to improve skin tone, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, promotes healing while retaining moisture in the skin.

How to use:

Take a dime to a quarter size amount (pea size if your skin is not excessively dry), then apply it to areas that are dry and dehydrated. You may also apply the face oil alongside the cream, but it should be applied to the skin first, as stated above.

Keeping all of this calm mentality in mind, Elaine formulated the products to not only address her reactive and sensitive skin but also to remedy her son’s eczema. Iremia skincare ingredients are free from parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrochemicals, artificial colours, fragrances, and synthetics. The overall vision for the brand is to deliver simplicity while ensuring the ingredients are formulated for multi-purpose use. This is also key to remedy skin issue. Keep the ingredients as simple and as clean as possible to avoid irritation. I think that is clear from the product details indicated above. If you’re looking to try something new and suffer from sensitive skin, I highly recommend giving this brand a try. Especially since it’s sized for convenience that you can take with you on the go for yourself, or the little ones. Use code KENEISHA10 for a 10% discount on all full sized products at check out.

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