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In light of doing this “wellness lifestyle” shift, I’ve been taking a more organic or holistic approach not only to relationships, self-care and food, but to the products I use on my skin. So, I’ve decided to apply (create) the 80 to 20 rule – clean beauty switch tips. As much as I want to detox my body from all toxins I also don’t want to develop allergies in the long run by avoiding products that contain very low toxicity ingredient(s). It can be challenging to avoid all toxic ingredients unless you make your own products. There are so many organic, natural, non-toxic, and vegan products on the market and it definitely can become overwhelming in search of, or in choosing the right products for my (your) skin type.

It’s innate for me to strive for perfection in everything that I do, that include getting this clean beauty thing to the T, but I’ve come to realize how much the saying “perfection is the enemy of greatness” reigns true. With this lifestyle change, I intend to step outside of my comfort zone not expecting things to go 100% as planned. It’s about embracing and living in every moment. That’s all a part of the journey in order to grow and be an enhanced version of myself.

The 80% to 20 % rule is meant to provide a fair and healthy balance in my life. This also prevents me from being too hard on myself when I’m not 100% on point. You can do this too if you’re bound to slip up like me. It’s ok, you’re only human. Yes, I know this 80/20 rule sounds contradictory, but hear me out.

How does this 80/20 rule work?

It’s simple. I will ensure that 80% of the products I use do not contain toxic ingredients and the other 20% I’m allowing myself to use certain natural or organic products that may contain low-non-toxic ingredients. These products will strictly be for occasional skin condition (eg. hormonal breakouts) not for everyday use. My skin tends to react, or not react to dependant on the ingredients in the product. This is all about trial and error as I have environmentally stressed, dehydrated, and sensitive skin; one of the primary reasons for me making this switch to organic, natural, non-toxic products. I’ve list ways in which you can go about switching over to cleaner products.

Consult with a professional

The first thing I did was consulted with an allergist to be on guard if you’re not aware of any known allergies to certain fruits. I recommend this because some organic or natural products will contain fruit or vegetable extracts that may not be agreeable with your skin. Next, you can seek advice from a dermatologist if you’ve been suffering from any diagnosed skin condition before trying out different products on your skin. You may end up doing more harm than good.

If haven’t had any major problems, or suffered an allergic reaction to products you’ve used on your skin apart from occasional hormonal breakouts, I would say that it’s safe for you to use the trial an error method. You may also book yourself a facial consultation with a senior esthetician or skin care therapist. Both the esthetician and dermatologist can inform you of your skin type and recommend products for you to use. However, the only difference with the dermatologist is that they are doctors. They can properly diagnose your skin condition, if you have one, or provide a prescription for something more medical related.

Research and Review

Now that you’ve attained expert advice and checked off your list, no allergies, you know your skin condition and/or skin type, you’re going to do research on the brand that peaks your interest. How would I find brands that peak my interest? Well, you can search for top organic, natural or even vegan skin care brands in google  and there you have it. You will get a list of websites, mostly from blogs and online magazines. Make a list of the brands that you’re interested in trying and read the reviews or watch a tutorial on how to use the product on major retailer’s website, such as Sephora or Nordstrom.

Before purchase the product, research the ingredients to ensure that they are in sync with your natural, organic, vegan or non-toxic product goals. You can do this from home before going into the store or before buying online. Many natural or organic products may contain synthetics as well as parabens for example, but still have natural ingredients in the mix. That is one of the reasons why I mentioned the 80 to 20 rule – clean beauty switch. Educating yourself on the ingredients is important when switching over to cleaner products; however, it all depends on how far you want to go with your skincare. I know for me that not all natural non-toxic products will work for me and that is why I’m giving myself the wiggle room with certain products.

What’s your budget?

It’s important to create a budget when you’re switching over to cleaner beauty products. I don’t recommended buying everything in one shot unless you have an unlimited budget. It can be costly to get everything that you desire. However, it’s important to think about the key products and focus on what you need at the moment: cleanser, exfoliant, and a moisturizer. You can purchase the travel size as a trial before investing in the full size product. For a toner you can dilute witch hazel or apple cider vinegar on a cotton pad and apply it to your face. If you wear makeup, then you can invest in an everyday lipstick or lip gloss, as well as a lip balm and a foundation for the current season that has SPF That’s six staple product that your require. Alternatively you can purchase clean beauty boxes that contains a slew of products for you to try (eg. Art of Organics).

I hope the 80 to 20 rule –  clean beauty switch tips were helpful for you and your journey to clean living on your terms. We’re in this together!

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  1. Keziah says:

    These were some great tips! I am currently on this journey but I have not been able to part ways from my high end perfumes.

    • Keneisha says:

      Hi love! I welcome you to the clean/green beauty gang! It’s a process and you don’t have to go full on into it right away. Take you time. It’s best to start with your deodorant, then toothpaste and so on. There are great smelling natural perfumes out there 7Virtue is one. I don’t spray perfume on my skin either way so that’s not much of an issue for me. Welcome to my blog! I hope my content will be helpful and inspirational to you!

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