The traditional spa concept and services have changed over the years. Gone are the days where services are tailored strictly for women. The spa and beauty industry has transformed and grown significantly. Consumers are now become more self-aware when it comes to their health and wellness. Services in hair removal and massages have changed their techniques along with the product ingredients used on the skin. Inquiring minds would like to know the benefits of sugaring and lomi lomi massage at a unisex spa salon.  Two weeks ago, I had my first experience with sugar waxing and a Lomi Lomi massage at SNM Spalon.



The name in short form SNM Spalon meaning Sugaring and Massage Spalon definitely peaks your interest to find out what type of facility it is, along with the services they offer. That in itself I find to be unique and a great marketing and branding name. It’s a studio for men and women. It’s like a spa/salon concept that provides a-la-carte services with a primary focus on sugaring and massages. It’s technically your one stop shop and I love that. They offer services ranging from sugaring, massage, facials, nail care, spray tanning, lashes and even a weight management program. Oh I almost forgot to mention that they are vegan-friendly too.

Remember when I said it’s for men too… Well, no surprise because 68 percent of their clientele are male. So, men don’t be shy. If that isn’t proof that you need to plan a date with your significant other or simply for yourself, I don’t know what else to tell ya.

SNM Spalon pride themselves and are known for their quality in service, as they are passionate and love what they do. They are located downtown location of Mississauga at 3038 Hurontario Street, Unit 1. The facility is quite inviting. It is clean, light and airy. They also have a complimentary refreshment area where they have tea, and essential oil water that they give to you after your services. So, go on book your services online, you’ll enjoy every moment of it. Use my PROMO CODE KMW19 and receive a 19% discount on your first service. You may click the name of the Spalon in my post, or the promo code info to take you directly to the website.

Lounge area


Pedicure station


Manicure station



Initially I went in for my underarms, just as a trial. Once I saw the result of my underarms there was no hesitation to do my legs as well. The master sugaring technician and massage practitioner, Jessica, did a fabulous job. She made me feel comfortable enough that I trusted her to do my legs as well. The focus was relaxation. Something I needed and Jessica recommended the Lomi Lomi massage. It did not disappoint me one bit. I literally drifted away in sleep dreaming I was on the beach in Hawaii.

I’ve known about sugaring for years, but for some reason staying with my routine of traditional waxing. What can I say, I’m a creature of habit. The difference between sugaring and regular waxing is that one is literally a sugar that you can eat and the other is a form a paraffin wax. The application and removal process is also different along with the skin health benefits. In regular waxing, the wax is heated and applied with a stick. It is applied in the direction of the hair growth, then removed with a wax strip against the hair growth. In the sugaring technique, the wax is balled up in the technician’s hand then it is applied directly to the skin against the hair growth. It is removed in the same direction as the hair growth. The sugar is applied in this manner so that it can be absorbed in the hair follicle; in order, for it bind to the hair allowing for proper removal.



Sugaring is a type of hair removal treatment. It’s an ancient technique that has been practised for centuries in various countries. In recent, it has become more prevalent due an increase in the health and wellness trend amongst consumers. The ingredients for the hair removal consists of sugar, lemon and water to form a gel substance which is used to extract hair from the skin. This type of hair removal is a natural alternative in comparison to your everyday warm, or hot waxing.


During the process of removal the technician informed me that it helps to exfoliate the skin and typically takes up to 4 weeks before seeing new hair growth. Overtime with continuous treatments ingrown hair will be little to none. That was a relief to hear because no one loves ingrown hair. Another major benefit is that it does not stick to your skin like conventional heated wax. Instead, it adheres to the hair. It sounds like a better idea to me rather than getting burns or bruise on my skin from traditional waxing. It is a clean process that doesn’t get wax all over you. Either way, it can be removed easily with water.

Also, you don’t have to worry about the double dipping of the stick in a heated wax which is grounds for bacteria growth and cross contamination. Sugar is antimicrobial.





Jessica, the technician, was extremely knowledgeable and provide details for aftercare while at home. It’s important to avoid, extremely hot showers, sauna and exfoliating for 48 hours. This is because my pores are open and the skin is sensitive at this stage. After the recommended timeframe, it’s important exfoliate in order to avoid in-grown hairs. Once again, overtime with sugaring you will see less in-grown hairs. So, no worries.

 Overall, the removal process and service was great. Did it hurt less than regular waxing? Well, it was on the same level for me. My skin did feel smoother and exfoliated. For about a week I couldn’t stop rubbing my hands against the skin on my legs because it felt so smooth and flawless.




Lomi Lomi massage is a traditional ritualistic therapy and Polynesian technique. Lomi Lomi which means massage encompasses a spiritual technique deriving from a Hawaiian philosophy of “huna” which means secret and how it relates to the body. It’s about harmony and energy flow. There is no specific motion to follow in this massage. It is all free flowing. What makes it different from traditional massage, is that it incorporates a form of meditation, (hence me dreaming about being on the beach) along with breathing exercises and stretching of your limbs, yup. It definitely tested my flexibility in parts of the therapy.

The goal or the benefit of the Lomi Lomi is to remove energy blockage from the client and open a clear energy path within their body. It also helps to increase flexibility overtime, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, improve posture and more.


This specific massage, it’s not for the shy person. It has a minimalist approach with nothing but you underwear and a towel on the butt. That’s right! You are not covered up with a sheet, or a blanket. The idea behind this is to have you more open, to remove barriers for a full body work. It’s a little intimate, I know. When I left, I felt relaxed and harmonious.

I highly recommend trying this type of massage. It’s so easy to get caught up in the daily stresses of life which can build up negative and crowded energy within us. Lomi Lomi massage is great for releasing those blockages. Don’t forget to use the PROMO CODE KMW19 so you can receive the 19% discount on your services, especially this one.

Have you had any other unique type of massage service or any spa services? Tell me about your experience. I live for trying different services.


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  1. Keziah says:

    I am so happy you wrote this post. I just made an appointment for my very first sugaring session and I was thinking of doing a blog post to share my experience. Thank you for sharing yours!

    • Keneisha says:

      Hey love! I’m glad you found this post informative and inspiring. I hope you had a great experience with the service. Looking forward to your post when you decide to write it!

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